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FertilUp® has been taking care of your fertility since 2012. Highest German quality 

Customers' opinion

36 years
Although we've received reports that FertilUp Up is unlikely to help in our case, my husband and I still purchased a three-month treatment and are currently four months pregnant. We don't know if this is a miracle or if Fertil Up helped. Anyway, we are happy and hope that everything goes well.
42 years
After two years of trying, two abortions, consultations with experts and many analyses, we learned that we could only become pregnant with artificial insemination. The reason was my age (41 years) and poor hormonal test results. At the end of 2015, I found your product on the web and, on the basis of positive opinions, I decided to buy FertilUp for me and my partner for 6 months. After three months of taking, I felt better, I had more energy, and I was less tired. To our surprise, a new review showed that hormonal values were now optimal; FSH and LH were balanced (the FSH value dropped from 17 and 13.5 to 8.5!), So the conditions for natural conception were met. My partners semen analysis has also improved in quantity and quality. By taking FertilUp, we continued for another two months, and in July 2016 we learned that we were pregnant with my completed 42 years. Pregnancy was easy and on March 29 our daughter Ema was born. I would very much like to thank you for this natural product that has enabled us to have our little miracle!
Hello! We are more than happy that we have our little angel in our arms now. For two years we tried to have a baby. We even went to the fertility clinic. My husband made a spermiogram, which unfortunately has shown that we have a 4% chance of getting pregnant. Even later the second spermiogram didn't get any better. So, after a normal examination in the clinic, we made an appointment for artificial insemination. We had the meeting on 7th May 19 where it was said again that we would not become parents 100% naturally. What the clinic didn't know was that my mother had found Fertilup before (almost 3 months before) and showed it to us and we thought "what do we have to lose" and ordered it. Later next IVF appointment was cancelled because my husband and I became pregnant. We were informed by the gynaecologist on 25th May 19 that I was close to 6th week. I am extremely happy that these tablets are available. I have already recommended them to several couples who also had difficulties getting pregnant. So many, many thanks and if there is a sibling, we would be happy to buy Fertilup again
In January we were diagnosed with male secondary infertility. My husband was recommended to take CoQ10, vitamin E and zinc - we found all that in FertilUp. My husband also had to reduce the coffee and eliminate the sauna and heated pools. After three months we performed another semen analysis in a private clinic. The result was surprising. The number of spermatozoa has increased from 15 million to 112 million, and the morphology from 13% to 26%. This greatly improves the chances of conception at the next IVF, if not before!
My wife had PCOS, and I had a low sperm count so it was quite an impossible combination to get pregnant. After three years of trying and visiting doctors and after three IVF we decided to do something about it. We were looking for a natural soultion and we were thrilled when we found FertilUpAfter 4 months my wife began to feel strange .. so we made a test. Impossible is possible! Maybe it was FertilUp, or we just released a little bit of everything. It worked! Also my wife's gynecologist could not believe it!
27 years
I started taking Fertilup for women 2 months ago. I had irregular cycle all the time so I was quite worried so I tried Fertilup. After taking it for 2 months my cycles are much more regular and I also feel better so I hope we're not going to wait for too long.
After two months of taking FertilUp for men my sperm quantity has increased from 56 to 84 million and also morphology has improved. Apparently it works!
37 years

I had irregular periods for several months. By taking FertilUp my menstrual cycle has been restored and I ovulate again. Now, we’re expecting…

31 years
After taking FetilUp for only two months, the results of my semen analysis greatly improved. My sperm count increased more than one-fold (from 30 million to 85 million). I absolutely recommend it.
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