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FertilUp® has been taking care of your fertility since 2012. Highest German quality 

FertilUp® for women is a dietary supplement, composed of a combination of folic acid, vitamins and minerals, which play a role in fertility and reproduction (zinc), hormonal balance (vitamin B6) and influence the production of thyroid hormones and normal function of the thyroid (iodine).

  • Regulates menstrual cycle 
  • Ensures overall hormonal balance
  • Prepares the female body for pregnancy
  • Includes all essential ingredients
  • Improves overall health and well-being
  • Natural ingredients of the highest quality
  • Available without prescription
  • No side effects
FertilUp® for women is recommended for women: 

  • with hormonal imbalance,  
  • with irregular cycles,
  • with PCOS,  
  • trying to conceive for an extended period of time, 
  • with endometriosis,
  • trying to conceive and are not in menopause yet.

FertilUp contains only ingredients of the highest quality. The products are manufactured in Germany in accordance with high quality standards (ISO 9001, GMP / HACCP, DE-ÖKO-024) and controlled by internal and external audit. 

Made in Germany by Vivamedis® in cooperation with Goerlich Pharma.

womenFertilUp for Women
Cert Iso
Made in Germany
1 pc for 1 month
31.95 €
2 pcs for 2 months
61.11 €
3 pcs for 3 months
85.55 €
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