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FertilUp for women

60 capsules | 30 days
Dietary supplement consisting of a combination of folic acid, vitamins and minerals that contribute to normal fertility and reproduction (zinc), regulation of hormone function (vitamin B6) and contribute to the normal production of thyroid hormones (iodine).

  • 20 high-quality ingredients
  • Recommended for women to regulate hormonal balance
  • Scientifically proven effect on female fertility
  • Without effects
3x FertilUp for women (90 days)
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Did you know that you can only get pregnant during your fertile days or in a fertile window of no more than 5 days?

A regulated hormonal balance is the key to successful conception, as it affects a regular monthly cycle and regular ovulation, which is the basis for determining fertile days and planning sexual intercourses. 

Hormonal balance can also be influenced with selected vitamins and minerals, which have a proven effect on fertility and regulating the functioning of hormones. A healthy lifestyle and general health also play an important role.

Take care of your fertility today.

FertilUp® for women consists of a combination of folic acid and vitamins and minerals that contribute to normal fertility and reproduction, hormonal activity and contribute to normal thyroid function.

We recommend it to women who want to:

Have a regular ovulation

Arranged cycle

Get pregnant after 30

Prepare the organism for conception


Hormonal balance and  regulated cycle are the basis for female fertility.

Hormonal balance ensures your regular monthly cycle, a healthy egg that is released during ovulation and general health.

A fast and unhealthy lifestyle, a woman's age, diet and stress at work affect our health and well-being. General health and hormonal balance are linked and affect fertility.

Numerous studies have proven that the consumption of selected vitamins and minerals can influence fertility and the functioning of hormones.

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 6 reasons to choose FertilUp for women

Natural ingredients and organism-friendly action.

Natural ingredients that are friendly to the organism and without side effects. No artificial hormones. Lactose and GMO free. Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians.

Carefully selected ingredients with a proven effect on fertility.

FertilUp for women contains ingredients with a proven effect on hormonal balance and female fertility. All ingredients are carefully selected with the aim of providing support to the female organism in planning pregnancy and in infertility problems.

The best things are simple

Only 2 capsules daily to take in all the necessary vitamins and minerals to support the body during pregnancy planning and well-being. FertilUp for women also contains folic acid (400 mcg), so taking additional folic acid is not necessary.

A regulated cycle with ovulation is the basis for conception.

FertilUp for women also contains vitamin B6, which regulates the functioning of hormones and affects the hormonal balance, which is necessary for a regular monthly cycle. Only such a cycle in ovulation releases an egg that can be fertilized.

General health is important.

Your general health is important. FertilUp for women contains carefully selected vitamins and minerals that improve well-being, strengthen your immune system and protect against oxidative stress.

Satisfaction of our customers.

FertilUp for women has been available since 2012 and is present in 19 European countries. We are proud to have been creating wonderful stories together for more than 10 years.

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  • 3x FertilUp for men + 3x Omega-3
    3-month package (90 days)
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  • FertilUp for Women + Omega-3
    1-month package (30 days)
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  • FertilUp for both
    FertilUp for women & FertilUp for men
    61,11€  53,30€
  • FertilUp for Men + Omega-3
    1-month package (30 days)
    56,90€  51,95€
  • 3x FertilUp for women + 3x Omega-3
    3-month package (90 days)
    170,70€  139,95€
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Quality and your satisfaction are important to us.

FertilUp for women contains ingredients of the highest quality. It is produced in Germany, in accordance with the highest quality standards (ISO 9001, GMP/HACCP, DE-ÖKO-024) and controlled by internal and external auditing.

Thank you for trusting us since 2012.

Carefully selected ingredients


contributes to normal fertility and reproduction. It also has a role in the process of cell division

Folic acid

contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy and to the normal function of the immune system

Vitamin C

contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Vitamin B6

contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity and to the normal function of the immune system

Nutritional Value in Daily Intake (2 capsules) 
% NRV*
Vitamin A1200 μg150 %
Vitamin C80 mg100 %
Vitamin D310 μg200 %
Vitamin E30 mg250 %
Vitamin B1
1,5 mg136 %
Vitamin B21,7 mg121 %
Vitamin B3
20 mg125 %
Vitamin B62 mg143 %
Folic Acid
400 μg200 %
Vitamin B129 μg360 %
Pantothenic Acid10 mg167 %
Iron18 mg129 %
Iodine150 μg100 %
320 mg85 %
Zinc15 mg100 %
Selenium70 μg127 %
Cooper2 mg200 %

Also contains: Red clover flower extract (Trifolium pratense) 80 mg (6,4 mg isoflavones), p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) 60 mg, extract of the root of Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcussenticosus) 86 mg 

Other ingredients: silicon dioxide (E551), cellulose (microcrystalline), magnesium stearate (vegetable)

* % NRV: Nutrient Reference Value
** no NRV value

Daily serving: 2 capsules
Servings per container: 30

Together we create wonderful stories

  • Spol w
    »Although we've received reports that FertilUp is unlikely to help in our case, my husband and I still purchased a three-month treatment and are currently four months pregnant. "
  • Spol w
    »I started taking Fertilup for women 2 months ago. I had irregular cycle all the time so I was quite worried so I tried Fertilup. After taking it for 2 months my cycles are much more regular and I also feel better so I hope we're not going to wait for too long.«
  • Spol w
    »After two years of trying, two abortions, consultations with experts and many analyses, we learned that we could only become pregnant with artificial insemination. The reason was my age (41 years) and poor hormonal test results. I found your product on the web and, on the basis of positive opinions, I decided to buy FertilUp for me and my partner for 6 months. After three months of taking, I felt better, I had more energy, and I was less tired. To our surprise, a new review showed that hormonal values were now optimal; FSH and LH were balanced (the FSH value dropped from 17 and 13.5 to 8.5!), So the conditions for natural conception were met. My partners semen analysis has also improved in quantity and quality. By taking FertilUp, we continued for another two months, and then we learned that we were pregnant with my completed 42 years. Pregnancy was easy and on March 29 our daughter Ema was born. I would very much like to thank you for this natural product that has enabled us to have our little miracle!«
  • Spol w
    »I had an irregular period for several months. By taking FertilUp, my cycle became regular and now I have a regular ovulation and cycle. I hope that we will succeed now.«
  • Spol w
    »Thank you so much for the great pills! We've been holding our little darling for over 5 months now. Thanks to your help! After almost 3 years of waiting, going to fertility clinics, a million tests, hours of Googling...until my friend advised us Fertilup. After 6 months we conceived naturally. Thank you very much and best regards.«
  • Spol w
    »For me, it regulated my cycle and hormones very nicely. The capsules have no taste and the size is also ok!«
  • Spol w
    »I discovered FertilUp after 3 years of struggling with infertility. I love that it has all the necessary fertility vitamins in it. It's so much easier than taking several supplements and then guessing what are the right doses and if you're taking the right things.
  • Spol w
    »Dear Fertilup team! I would like to tell you that we got pregnant with the help of Fertilup. And I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best.«
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Trust ingredients with proven effect on female fertility, hormone regulation and normal thyroid function.

The results of the study, which focused on the connection of zinc 36, omega-3 fats 22, and vitamins D15 and B10 to female fertility, showed that women with a higher intake of the mentioned ingredients were conceiving naturally faster and easier,  their cycle was regulated and egg were healthier.

FertilUp for women and Infinivit Omega-3  contain all the recommended ingredients with the aim of having a positive effect on female fertility, healthy egg (cells) and general health. 

How to use FertilUp for women?

Take 1 capsule 2 times a day after a meal with liquid. Enjoy FertilUp daily without a break. When pregnancy is confirmed, stop taking FertilUp.

It is recommended to take FertilUp for at least 3 months or until pregnancy is confirmed.

The content of 60 capsules is sufficient for 30 days.

Recommended daily amounts or the dose should not be exceeded. A nutritional supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Store protected from moisture and light at a temperature of up to 25° C. The serial number and expiration date are printed on the packaging.


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