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Ovulation calendar

Ovulation is a process that occurs once in each menstrual cycle in the case of a regulated hormonal balance and marks the time when a woman is fertile and can become pregnant.

Hormonal balance is important for a regular cycle and ovulation and is the basis of female fertility. Without ovulation, conception is not possible. Days around ovulation when conception is possible are called fertile days.

The chance of getting pregnant with unprotected sex is greatest on the day of ovulation and the day before it. These are the most fertile days. The possibility of conception exists even before this, as the lifespan of male sperm is longer; sperm can remain active for up to 5 days. Conception is thus possible even in the case of sexual intercourse up to five days before the release of the egg.

The ovulation calendar will calculate the expected date of ovulation based on your cycle. We recommend that you monitor your cycle every month and pay attention to the signs that indicate the presence of ovulation.


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